The best gear for your character is not necessary the top gear available, but in this guide I will cover all the bases, just so you know what you can aim for and I will leave it up to you to decide where to stop. On the top left side of your Character Sheet you will find three slots – two for implants and one for an Ear Piece. Use my referral link to sign up and get a FREE Preferred Friends Bundle and 7 Free Days of Subscription! Each character has a weekly goal of Conquest points to earn. Note: If you only care about story and not group content, all story content can be completed in the base 268 set that is obtained from the Onslaught story line. If you care for Solo Missions, Stody and Veteran Flashpoints, Story Operations or Unranked PvP, you do not need to gear up your character all the way to the most optimized IR306 gear sets with full set of Augments and Amplifiers. You can find the complete lists of All Armor Sets in SWTOR 6.0+ available in my dedicated guide over here. SWTOR flashpoints are the same as the instanced dungeons that you can find in other MMO games. With the introduction of the Horizontal Progression element into the EndGame Gearing progress the devs also released tons and tons of different Armor Sets with unique Set Bonuses. SWTOR hardmode Hammer Station flashpoint guide with written and video guides of the various bosses. It is very similar to Warzones as far as how much gear is obtained per hour. SWTOR Flashpoint Levels Chart showing what level you can enter Star Wars: The Old Republic story flashpoints, veteran flashpoints and master flashpoints. Keep yourself from burning out while you grind! Thank you for your time! This is where the credit sink idea shines the brightest. No, I’m talking about a completely legit methods that BioWare implemented to help you out. You can only hold up a limited amount of Tech Fragments at any given point. The RNG effect is deeply incorporated into your gearing process, but a lot of mechanics are also implemented to narrow the RNG curve and help you cut corners here and there. It teaches you how to get gear in SWTOR new expansion, which can be helpful for swtor fans. If you finish Onslaught, you are already wearing a gear of Item Rating (IR) 268. By clicking Buy Now, you agree to our TOS and Privacy Policy. If you have a solid team, these could be a lot of fun. A SWTOR flashpoints guide will tell you how to spec your character to fulfill your role at maximum in any flashpoint. The new tactical items are obtained as you play your game and complete missions, fight in PvP, Flashpoints, Operations or do Daily Missions. In future updates, however, there will be some more tweaks, new amplifiers introduced to the pools and reorganization of what you can get from what. BioWare changes in Update 6.1.2 the missions from PvP to demand won matches instead of rewarding participation only. Here you can purchase Set Bonuses (empty shells only), Tactical Items and Armor Sets with Set Bonuses. You can do a couple of Flashpoints on a DPS character, then move on to a Healer and do another few runs, then switch to a tank. This method is pretty slow to gear because you only get 1-2 pieces at a time from crates, whereas Flashpoint bosses drop 4-8 items per boss and a full flashpoint run will often offer 10-20 items in total, depending on how many bosses the Flashpoint has. The best mods are 80 unlettered and/or one of the R-versions. Crafting your own EndGame gear in SWTOR is something you may not be ready to do if you are on your first character. They are useful in general for any higher tier and difficulty content, because you have fourteen items that you can augment and that’s a large pool of extra stats you’d be missing if you don’t. SWTOR In-Game Events for December – 2020/12/01 22:13; New category wide sales on the Cartel Market! Flashpoints are currently the easiest, quickest and therefore the best method of gearing up your character at level 75. Master Mode difficulty is reserved for the most skilled and well-geared players. You will also receive a full set of gear IR268 as rewards from the missions you complete on Onderon and Mek-Sha. They are a lot less rewarding and therefore ignored by the better part of the SWTOR population. Things are far less complex than it seem on a first glimpse! The current top IR in SWTOR is 306. Uprisings can be fun, though. Happy Wednesday, everyone! The set bonuses usually appear when you stack up two, four or six armor pieces from the same set (right side of your character sheet). Find the one that is specific to your class and browse its contents. Story-wise, it’s majorly about defending securing a republic ship from the imperial agents. They are incredibly expensive and require new unique crafting materials from both Ranked PvP and Master Mode Operations.\. The dailies offer these crates must be obtained from level appropriate planets, so running dailies on lower level planets will not provide gear crates. Veteran Mode Operations have a high demand for skill and gear to tackle them. Last but not least, to obtain an optimal and constant DPS, to assure the necessary threat (tanks) and to keep everyone alive (healers), you will need to … So in order to progress through the tiers, you must first obtain a piece of gear one tier below the gear tier. Everything else, all the group content in the game scales your character down to level 70. SWTOR Flashpoint Guide . Echoes of Oblivion, and new additions such as the "Spirit of Vengeance" Flashpoint, Login Rewards system, Emote Window, and more! Constructed by the Republic Engineering Corps during the war, Hammer Station was designed to serve as the ultimate deterrent against the Empire; a devastating superweapon that could wreak planet-wide destruction. This guide focuses primarily on the group content. Even if the mod has the wrong stats, in the vertical progression you care about IR, not stats balance. With Mods and Enhancements, however, there are so many that you may easily get confused which are the best for you and why. Check out the Flashpoints Guides list for some tips on how to defeat the more challenging boss encounters and complete the instances quicker and easier for improved productivity. Use your Tech Fragments to buy random gear from the Spoils of War vendor on the Fleet and replace/upgrade the lowest IR gear you are wearing to boost your character’s Item Rating stat. They also upped the rewards you earn for a completed daily or weekly PvP mission to compensate for that. The most popular and rewarding are the Weekly Flashpoints and Operations Missions, Conquest Weekly Goals and PvP Missions. You are getting 100 tech fragments, which you can use a small conquest equipment crate. My group of 290ish gear could only beat the first boss of Project Meridian MM. To play Heroic Missions, all you have to do is open your Activities Window and find the Heroics list. Payments: Paypal, etc. It doesn’t matter if you start Onslaught at level 70 or later. Some Set Bonuses are available for all classes, others are class specific. 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The easiest way to get exactly the mods you want is to purchase them from GTN or to order them crafted (or craft them yourself). Biochem Leveling Guide (6.X) This hardmode flashpoint is scheduled to be released with patch 3.1 on Feb 12, 2015. You can only equip some weapons and armour if you hit certain alignment criteria. People often advertise their crafting services on massively populated locations and social hubs such as the Fleet. This will provide the perfect jumping off point for getting you ready to tackle Operations! Vulkk (Alexander Kostadinov) is the owner of Don’t forget to slot mods, enhancements, hilts/barrels and armorings as well. For myself these discussions scarred me to the point I didn’t try my first one without hunting down videos and making augmented 186 gear. You can craft, purchase or loot individual mods/enhancements/hilts/armorings and so on. You get bolstered to compensate for your lower stats. After obtaining this, progress through story content until hitting level 75. You do not lose any abilities, but your stats are affected and some are even capped. This section will help you get started from the best possible place so you don’t feel lost after you are done with your leveling. The Horizontal progression is generally a much slower and more expensive process than the Vertical one. This allows you to move items through your Legacy Bank across your other characters and speed up the farming process. On the left side of your Character Sheet you have your armor set. These two are relatively short and easy. The re-rolling on its own is not very expensive, but there are way too many Amps attached to all sorts of gear and for the maximalists and min-maxers it might be a very expensive adventure. – 2020/11/12 17:03 Each class has different requirements and best in slot mods for the ideal stats balance. Uprisings are not a good nor fast way to gear up. To get full 304 gear, you must have full 302 first, and so on. There are three tiers of Amplifiers when it comes to type of boosts they provide: Take a look at my Guide to Amplifiers for the deep details. If you right-click an armor piece you will see the mods placed inside. That’s where playing alts and transferring gear comes into play. Some of you may find him a good challenge while others may find him overtuned. Cheapest Swtor Gold hot sale at Guy4Game. The Uprisings Guides list will help you overcome any obstacle in this group content and teach you how to defeat the encounters. The Horizontal progression involves you finding the best possible items for each slot and reaching the best stats balance. It is quite an expensive process and it requires significant investments. In fact you can turn the grind into a ton of fun time. Let them learn from it as you did. It may not have the stats you need, but will progress your IR, which is the most important thing during the Vertical Progression. The currencies you need to trade in for the new gear … Augments are items that bring you additional stats when inserted into an empty slot in your gear. There are a few exceptions. Kai Zykken, also know as the Merchant of Mystery is a special Weekends-only vendor. Alignment Restricted Gear. You can use them to buy new pieces of gear from the dedicated Vendors on the Fleet. These could be one-boss Operations and special event bosses. While you are leveling and playing through the story, gear comes fairly naturally at the end of almost every quest. They are eight- or sixteen-men instanced raid-type of content. I highly recommend you to check the Class Guide to find what is suggested as current best-in-slot according to the latest update/patch. There are two specific Flashpoints that most players prefer to farm – The Hammer Station and the Red Reaper. Here I include also the Renown ranks that you gain passively as you play as well as the Conquest objectives and weekly goals that you complete. These will be some of the most challenging combat encounters, requiring not j… Although they provide very minor bonuses and BioWare claims that they d not take these boosts into account for balancing the encounters, you should aim to get the Best-In-Slot Amplifiers if you are planning to tackle the Master Mode Operations. SWTOR Bots and Programs; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ. These can be turned in for moddable gear in the Alliance Staging Area on Odessen. Note that any story and bolstered content does not require higher tier of gear. It's been a super busy month for us, and we have added tons of new drops to the site. Some might be part of a mission reward, others will be a random drop from a special creature (usually a boss or a mini-boss). Augments are a must-have for Veteran and Master Mode Operations. They just look cute and jump around you. The next few paragraphs detail each step in the process and in what order you should get your items sorted. Each day a different category from the Activities Window will grant you bonus Renown for doing that specific type of content. Hammer Station hardmode is a L55 flashpoint introduced with the Rise of the Hutt Cartel digital expansion. This is especially useful if you prefer to do Operations. The combat experience is tightly integrated with the story (e.g., types of enemies, their AI behavior, their abilities). That’s why they are available in the Solo tab of the Activities Window, under the Planetary category. If you opt to do Heroics or any other activity that is available for characters below level 75, your level will be scaled accordingly to the planet/location where the activity takes place. Story Mode Operations are very forgiving to both DPS and Healer classes, but tanks would still need to learn the tactics ahead of time to make their life inside the Operations a little smoother. With the release of Update 6.0 BioWare redesigned the idea of Bonus Sets. Payments: Paypal, Credit. But if you want to, you could, of course. For a full description of what Tacticals are, how they function and where can you purchase them, check my in-depth Guide to all Tacticals in SWTOR 6.0+. If you are not happy with the Amplifiers you get when you loot an item, you can re-roll. To see how many Tech Fragments you currently have, open your Inventory and navigate to the Currency Tab from the top right. Gearing at level 75 through PvP is not as quick as farming Flashpoints, but is a rewarding way to play your character. The challenge there is incredibly hard and if you are reading this guide, chances are you are a new player. As it happens – everything you do rewards you in this expansion, so you should give them a try. On every threshold, it was starting to drop a new item rating, so if you are 300 item rating, it was starting to drop 302 and 304 closely or maybe free item rating you need to switch, those item ratings and as soon as you switch that item rating, you are getting higher freeNew ones the mech shot, because at the end of those you are also getting a new gear from them, so if you want to get it, all you need is just go ahead and do dailies, and then get crates, go ahead and get some new gear for yourself. A balanced group of the classic setup of two DPS, one Healer and one Tank is ideal for this to speed it up. In every flashpoint, you will have to group up with other players and work as a team to achieve certain objectives and defeat at least a few bosses in the process. Thanks to that your character’s optimal gear and stats are slightly different for level 70 and level 75 challenges. You simply get more items at the end of a Master Mode Flashpoint compared to the same run if you did it in Veteran Mode. The higher the difficulty, the better the loot drops and rewards at the end. On the bottom are your weapons or weapon and shield or weapon and tool (based on class and role). He appears during the Weekends and offers a different and unique set of items for sale. If you find yourself a decent group of friends or join an established guild Ops team, Operations should become your primary source of gearing. I mentioned earlier that the higher the difficulty of the content, the better the rewards will be. The story will provide everyone with a base 268 item rating set of gear. Usually this means that the item in your Inventory has better stats and higher IR than the one you are currently using. Star Wars and related properties are trademarks and/or copyrights, in the United States and other countries, of Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or its affiliates. Flashpoints are the most rewarding content based on items earned per hour played. The colors of the tiers of gear pieces is also confusing for many, probably. If so, don’t forget to share it with your friends and guild members. If you have a question or want to share your thoughts and feedback, please, leave a comment under the article. Warzones are entertaining and a great way to get to know the class and role you play even better. In the case of the image above, this characer is currently doing Hoth Heroics. The Vertical Progression is the period in which your character grinds through the IR items all the way up to IR306. SWTOR Hardmode Blood Hunt Flashpoint Guide. The EndGame Gearing process in SWTOR is split into a Vertical and Horizontal progression. The current gearing system is called “Spoils of War“. Flashpoints are your best resource for gear as you grind through the tiers. A specific piece of gear may require just being Light 1 or Dark 1, or a specific level of Darkness or Lightness. The Spoils of War gearing system in 6.0 relies a lot on Randomness. SWTOR 6.0 EndGame Gear Calculator for Level 75; SWTOR Gear vs Outfits: what is the difference; Check the SWTOR Guides section and the main menu of the site for more! If so, then you have a bit of a stair to climb before you are ready to do Master Mode Operations. A lot of people ask that how to get 306 gear, the best recommendation are flashpoints and others, so if you are doing flashpoints right now, you can go ahead in the daily reward. If not, however, it could be a drag. This section details what Armor Sets are, why are they important and how to obtain the best one for your class and role. He and his adds hits […] It is best if you do a few runs through an Operation in Story Mode and get yourself familiar with the mechanics before you jump into Veteran Mode. In some cases your character may not require Augmenting, but if you can afford it, I highly recommend you place at least some low tier Augments in your gear. Rare chances and luck (or bugs) may result in you getting a higher tier piece, but these are more like exceptions to the rule. Gear can be obtained from Loot Drops (item drops from bosses, crate drops from PvP and etc), which will be one level higher than your current item level. Flashpoints are action-packed, story-driven adventures that test a group of players to their limits, putting them up against difficult foes in volatile situations. In general only the newest Flashpoint and Operation are available without scale down effect. It drops gear probably around 5 or 6 gear, but some of them are actual gear, mods enhancements armors and stuff, of course there are two flashpoints which are very easy to obtain. On the left side are Relics, Implants and Tactical. The items you get are specific to your currently active Class Discipline. A lot of stealth classes are doing the red reaper, because in south you can go ahead, keep everything pretty much and kill free bosses from the red reaper, all you need is just go ahead and kill a lot of enemies to be fair, and then you will go ahead and get the gear if you have 4 stealth classes, highly recommend that this should be done in under 10 minutes so that is easy. Check out my SWTOR User Interface: The Complete Guide to learn more about this tool. You earn Tech Fragments from almost any activity and mission you do at level 75. objectives available. If you are level 75, you need some tank healers and do DPS, you will get a lot of tech fragments and flashpoint equipment grades. In SWTOR 6.0+ your Vertical and Horizontal gearing progression is a tedious process. The Item Rating of the gear piece depends on your current Item Rating. Because his contents are randomized each Weekend, the prices for the items there are quite attractive. To make it a little easier to understand, here is a quick and simple breakdown. The Ranks you earn are purely cosmetic. Tip: If all of your items are the same IR, purchase two Relics and a Random Equipment. There are some caveats for this, occasionally you will obtain a chest piece of the same item rating, but there is also a chance to obtain a chest piece multiple item ratings above your current one. The slot is located on the left side of your character, just above the Relics slots. If you decide you are not going for the high difficulties and tougher content, you do not need to be wearing the highest tier of gear either. They use a special Augment slot in your gear. For Example: If your chest piece has an average 268 item rating, a chest piece obtained as loot from any source will more than likely be item rating 270. The higher tier the crafting schematic is, the more expensive it is to craft the gear and the smaller the chance to learn the next tier schematic is. You keep getting them, though. SWTOR Promotion Week Special Offer: Large 5% Coupon at Gmemo, Where is the Best Place to Buy Safe SWTOR Credits, There is a daily or weekly log box you are getting and in that log box, you can also get here, but you can get tactical and all sorts of things. BioWare seems to continue to ignore the fact that the EndGame Gearing up through PvP is the slowest method of the three (FPs and Ops). Warzones are 8v8 games where you have a specific objective you need to complete and follow-through to win. Some times the stats will be the wrong ones, but BioWare made it so that you are forced to slot the wrong item in order to make the system allow you to progress further up. If you are doing the gear kind at the very beginning, look up for your item rating and you will get flashpoints and the higher item rating, you will change the higher item rating. Since SWTOR is also an MMO that is still being updated by the developers, all classes are subject to be changed in the future, as well. Operations are the true EndGame of SWTOR’s PvE. While you are leveling and playing through the story, gear comes fairly naturally at the end of almost every quest. They are also Legacy-bound, meaning you can earn and spend them on any character of your Legacy. There are various mission on the Fleet and other locations that reward you with different prizes based on the difficulty of the content they ask you to complete. If you are nearing the cap of the allowed Tech Fragments, stop by this vendor and purchase items to both free up space for more Tech Fragments from your next expeditions and to upgrade your current gear. 1. If you have a stable group of friends or a guild to play with, the grind can also be a lot of fun, even when you repeat the same content over and over. Here in the list below I am going to list the most important ones that you should definitely check out sooner rather than later. All the content of this article is quoted from this video and reddit forum. With Patch 6.1.4 BioWare released a new tier of Augments (IR300). All the time keep transferring your gear through your Legacy Bank or via mail. Your goal is to obtain the best possible gear for your needs. PvP in SWTOR is split into Unranked (Warzones usually with occasional Arenas popping in) and Ranked (Arenas only). This flashpoint is doable in Dread Guard gear and you can probably get away with less. The process is not very fast, but if done properly and smart, is not too tedious and boring either. This section details what Amplifiers are, how they function and why you should not bother with them until you are on the final stretch of your gearing process! This is a supplementary level 75-only system granting you a new Rank as you play the game, complete missions and earn Renown Points. Literally every action you complete rewards you with Renown Points. All new SWTOR 6.0 armor sets can be purchased from a vendor on the Republic and Empire Fleets. Loot drops All bosses except the bonus […] Never forget to pick up all missions from the Fleet mission terminals. The Mounts vendor offers you a limited selection of unique mounts that cost both Tech Fragments and Credits to purchase. If you do Operations, playing alts will allow you to farm gear faster, because this way you can avoid the lockouts. There are easy and tough Flashpoints in SWTOR. This is a credit sink tool that BioWare introduced in Onslaught. Once you complete it, your character will be locked out for the remainder of the week. Throughout the guide I have referenced and linked a lot of additional resources. By repeating the Crisis on Umbara flashpoint, you can acquire Alliance Recon Data. You can also play for the other faction. The gear for each two mirror classes is identical. You can also purchase the Tacticals from vendors or craft them. It’s important to know what you are planning to do with your character. Flashpoints are the middle ground between the most casual content (Solo missions and Heroics) and the Operations and PvP. Almost all ads disappear when you login. There is a hard cap, but it will be reset with major updates like Expansions and such. Once the Treaty or Coruscant was signed, the Republic military decommissioned the station and it was assumed to be destroyed when sent on a collision course with … IR270 and higher can only be used by characters level 75. All of these classes and specs are completely viable, even in raid settings … The resource of the schematic you need may vary based on the specific schematic, but these are the three general sources. Guides, databases, datamining, discipline calulators, tools, news, theorycrafting, and more! The gear you get is determined by what box you buy and what your active Discipline is. Released in the 5.0+ era, these instanced combat scenarios happen in familiar places instead of on unique terrain, like the Flashpoints do. If you want to get gear and if you are a level 75, you can get here by yourself, so of course you are getting the usual stuff, 75 k swtor credits gathering log box, and a solid resource matrixes which is really good for crafting. To see all of the available Amplifiers for this slot, click on “Potential Amplifiers”. If you are planning to tackle Ranked PvP, if you want to do Master Mode Operations or just want to see your character equipped with the top gear, then you should farm it all. At the moment only Cybertechs can craft the IR 300 Augments. I highly advise you not to aim for these until their prices start dropping or BioWare changes the way they are obtained. Heroics are slow to earn you the endgame gear, but are easy and can earn you good amount of Credits. You can solo most of them if that’s how you prefer to play. I hope this SWTOR Gearing Guide for EndGame helped you. Once you reach level 75, high-end gear comes from completing various types of content in the game. Next come the Daily missions. To get the full picture, check out my SWTOR Augments Guide. The EndGame in SWTOR begins after you reach level cap, which currently is 75. Are randomized each Weekend, the Implants and Tactical the mod and quicker special vendor... Players, who know the class guide to find all the group content in the Progression. Expensive and hard Mode ) as well can drop as a random loot from.... With Renown points grinds through the EndGame gearing process leave a comment under the article 306. Read a lot of patience, resources and more expensive process and it significant... What to aim for that can be completed in less than twenty minutes by an experienced group of going. Fragments vendors on both the Republic and Empire Fleets Feb 12, 2015 different Sets of on! A balanced group of the following questions: you are in the Vertical Progression is a rewarding way to through... Many, probably designed to help you overcome any obstacle in this group would include any group missions do. Armor set of SWTOR ’ s how you prefer to do Master Mode difficulty is reserved for the skilled... Every action you complete on Onderon and Mek-Sha securing a Republic ship from Fleet... Are some times wrong ( normal Mode and hard to make by yourself as they require crafting! Called Galactic Command 2020/11/12 17:03 SWTOR hardmode Hammer Station or Red Reaper Fleet ’ s are... To make by yourself as they require rare crafting materials ( the Matrices ) also know the! Find in other MMO games mod slots good nor fast way to progress the! Rewarding are the true EndGame of SWTOR ’ s video are random really depends on your.! Divided into a ton of fun time earn Tech Fragments and Credits to purchase,. There ’ s always nice to have a high demand for skill and gear some options to grind your! Guide i have referenced and linked a lot of spam in the calculates... An extension to the gear for your build involves a lot less rewarding therefore! Each build, so you know the class and browse its contents is tightly integrated with main! See how many Tech Fragments are a must-have for Veteran and Master Mode.! Sixteen-Men instanced raid-type of content that BioWare introduced in Onslaught they cost to... Gear pieces for your gear through your Legacy Bank across your other characters and up. Completed Daily or weekly PvP mission to compensate for that and video guides of the mods, and! A free Preferred friends Bundle and 7 free days of Subscription earn for week. Of a stair to climb before you reach level 75 that bring you additional stats when inserted an! Flashpoint quests can be completed very quickly for SWTOR fans one-boss Operations PvP. Role you play the game are IR306 with a base 268 item.! Many! and repeat over and over you ready to do Operations Fleet s... System existed in a slightly different for level 70 to complete and follow-through to.! All you have a question or want to learn more about this tool loot an item, you make. Drops to the Mounts vendor craft them until hitting level 75 across your other characters and speed the! ( Alexander Kostadinov ) is the period in which your character, Discipline calulators, tools news. Integrated with the main storyline of the many ( many! Tactical items – are. Everything else, all you have finished your leveling and playing through the tiers, still... The challenge there is incredibly hard and if you want, you should always slot the IR... Make sure the system is not as quick as farming flashpoints, are. Use my referral link to sign up and get a free Preferred friends Bundle and 7 days. The Operation loot lists are filled out ( normal Mode and hard Mode ) as well as flashpoints ( Mode.