Bacon, seasoned egg omelette, lettuce, tomato and processed cheese, stacked on a bagel. stream 7 0 obj This veggie, low-calorie breakfast has it all! Bacon, seasoned egg omelette, lettuce, tomato and processed cheese, stacked on a bagel. Warm chocolate cake with gooey chocolate inside. & onions, then topped with sliced avocado and melting jack cheese. x��Z]o�}���-�@�&���?�qnq��?l,�*K������g��ծvW��4.�\rH�sf��RJ )��BG�3��g�Z'? Our famous beer-battered wild Alaskan halibut served with our zesty Alehouse-made tartar sauce and fries. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery is an ASCENT Hospitality Management brand. << /Subtype /XML /Type /Metadata /Length 3302 >> Herb-marinated grilled Portobello topped with Swiss cheese, served on a toasted fresh brioche bun dressed with pesto aioli, lettuce, tomato, and shaved Maui onions. Pencil in breakfast at Tiffany for 2021 when the reinvention of the store at 727 Fifth Avenue will be completed. Add grilled steak $8. Mixed greens with grilled vegetables (zucchini, yellow squash, onions, and red peppers) tossed with our house made vinaigrette of the day and quinoa. endstream << /Type /ObjStm /Length 1495 /Filter /FlateDecode /N 100 /First 804 >> Humpy's offers a an amazing menu of delicious dishes hand picked to pair with Hawaii's best section of craft beers, such as our Bavarian Pretzel sticks, Fish … Order online now at SONIC Drive-In! Tri-colored tortillas cooked in-house, topped with mixed cheese, seasoned black beans, diced tomatoes, sliced fresh jalapeno, black olives, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. Served with your choice of breakfast potatoes, white rice or fresh fruit. —which means if there are eggs, they're freshly cracked*. Wendy’s – We Got You®. Kids know they can come here for a meal.” The Tin Humpy is open Monday to Friday, 7am to 3pm. Hours of Operation Visit us in 2021 … x��P0ಱQ�w�/�+Q0R���L)V�V043U0P�f`:VA?�� UA? Humpty’s time is family time… Take a look at our menu and see what tasty items will tempt you. endobj Fresh baked from Kona Macpie Factory, Humpy’s serves this dessert with whipped cream and a fresh strawberry. y��B^!��W�+�� Whip up one of our easy breakfast recipes that will leave you ready to tackle your busy day. Stuffed with crisp bacon, sliced turkey, ham, melting cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, dressed with ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato, and shaved sweet Maui onions. If the beers aren't enough to keep you around, Kona's best pub fare certainly… Humpy's Big Island Alehouse ★ 75-5815 Alii Drive ★ Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740. Served with our delicious Alehouse-made bier cheese sauce. 5 0 obj Served with ice cream, caramel sauce drizzle, fresh berries and whipped cream. Veggie Scramble°° 11.99 Three eggs scrambled with spinach, tomatoes fast potatoes, or fruit. Can't Dressed with lilikoi coleslaw and crispy onion straws. Dusted in seasoned flour and flash-fried. In-house slow roasted kalua pork coated in our Alehouse bourbon BBQ sauce and topped with lilikoi cole slaw. Served with choice of french fries, potato-mac salad, steamed rice, fruit, cup of soup, or side salad. Breakfast Time, Lunch Time and Dinner Time, our selection of entrées and sides is second to none. application/pdf Add beef patty $3. Our new Alehouse made garden patty. 9 0 obj Y.E.S. See the menu and find a location near you. F�>�˧J�FX���*�^#�,mL�f^��E�y��D^"/�����e�2y��L^&/�����e� Stuffed with slow-roasted BBQ pork, melting cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. So come visit and see why we are so popular with the local people and tourists alike. Served with choice of french fries, potato-mac salad, steamed rice, fresh fruit, cup of soup or side salad. �ȊEP��P�R��xA�L����^Ex �k�5l�oţh�P�\C(��B���`�=@%��؝��—���Z���P�o��/ P � �t��R����ۼs�xE����i�~t��aw��y{��'C'����ns6݌�bˤ��w�ۜ���e��4��˗�R'��X��F쓥��a=�x��M�a��v`��{���헡�>�~=��?�_��~����W�p�6o�W��LW���}�*xv�����yE�OO��9��}�vw�ݍ����2�~���g���j���߇������q�t�~��������i������-�|{ Fillet of fresh island fish, salmon fillet, herb-marinated chicken breast (charbroiled or blackened) served with steamed white rice, tomato wedges, marinated cucumbers, and salsa or zesty Alehouse-made tartar sauce. Breakfast and lunch Served with potato-mac salad and steamed white rice. All of our 10” pizzas begin with fresh Alehouse-made beer dough, hand tossed, topped with the freshest ingredients, then baked in our stone oven to crispy perfection and brushed with herbed garlic olive oil on the crust. Please allow 15-25 minutes. Black beans, edamame, fresh parsley and thyme, lemon juice, and blended with a bit of oatmeal to bind. An Alaskan favorite for two decades! Side salad $6.50, A bed of mixed greens topped with croutons, diced cucumber, julienne carrots, and cherry tomatoes. Create an Account Create a SONIC® account to get rewards, order, and pay online. o%���W�4��T�CPݝ�8��^��!D�傈���a���˶�0�::T+�D� %���� Wendy's saw its highest same-day sales in 15 years back in November.It was milestone the company attributed in large part to its enhanced breakfast menu. Topped with fried garbanzo beans, diced cucumbers and diced avocado. {a5�4+��"Z/D���R��?ڤE'��-�`0B�� �Ҩ���@��К���!PW��C��B覌�-H�a��`Ƣ`�� ��1^�1� ��)L�0�T�" Add Bacon $2. stream 2 0 obj << /Lang (en-US) /MarkInfo << /Marked true >> /Metadata 4 0 R /PageLabels 6 0 R /Pages 8 0 R /StructTreeRoot 10 0 R /Type /Catalog /ViewerPreferences 111 0 R >> Free-range eggs and RSPCA assured bacon McMuffin®, with 100% Arabica bean McCafe® coffee, on our breakfast menu. 1=�X�Ύ ��Zendstream Our signature pizza sauce, roasted garlic, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and finished with chopped parsley. Humpy’s Big Island Ale House in Kona, … %PDF-1.7 Flash-grilled iceberg lettuce topped with bleu cheese dressing, caramelized bacon bits, blue cheese crumble, and sliced Maui onion. Our signature pizza sauce, Alehouse-made Parmesan sausage, Maui onions, Kalamata olives, spinach, feta and mozzarella cheeses, and diced fresh tomatoes. Explore our breakfast menu with delicious options like bacon, eggs, hash browns, pancakes, wraps, the Beyond Meat Sausage & Egger and more. Our Alehouse bourbon BBQ sauce, roasted garlic, Alehouse kalua pork, sweet Maui onions, grilled pineapple, mozzarella cheese, and finished with crisp Maui onion straws. Locally-grown romaine lettuce tossed in our Alehouse-made Caesar dressing with croutons and Parmesan crisp. Breakfast Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel Breakfast Sandwich Sausage, Egg & Cheese Bagel Breakfast Sandwich Stacked Bagel Sandwich Supreme Croissant Sausage Croissant Loaded Breakfast Sandwich Grilled Sourdough Swiss All salads served with your choice of Alehouse-made ranch, bleu cheese, thousand island or vinaigrette of the day. Served with potato-mac salad and steamed white rice. Served with salsa and warm flour tortillas. What's in our kitchen Everything you crave in one place order now Take us home with you view menu shop online shop online During the current Covid-19 pandemic our needs and habits have been drastically altered. As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day - so why not make it delicious! Tri-colored tortillas, freshly cut and cooked in-house, loaded with a blend of melted Mexican cheeses, black beans, diced tomatoes, fresh jalapeño slices, and black olives. メニューの紹介。ドトールコーヒーショップの公式ホームページです。 よくある質問 ログイン 加盟店オーナー募集 店舗検索 V Topped with melting cheddar cheese, Alehouse-made bourbon BBQ sauce, smoked bacon, beer-battered Maui onion rings, served on a toasted fresh brioche bun with mayo, lettuce, and tomato. Charbroiled or blackened. A bed of fresh spinach topped with chèvre, caramelized bacon bits, grilled pineapple, avocado, and sweet Maui onions. Topped with Swiss cheese and served on a toasted fresh brioche bun with lemon-basil pesto, lettuce, tomato, and shaved Maui onions. x�3V0ಱQ�w,-��/R���T�w.JM,���sI,IU�p�220�003�044165�54P70P�����L.�/�O+Y�P���Y��Z� �eT䛟�i����œ������T���q W91endstream Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse | 610 W 6th Ave, Anchorage, AK, 99501, United States Specialties: Humpy's is tailor made for beer lovers by beer lovers. To Our Valued Guests, Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic in mid-March, we have all been doing our part and working together to flatten the curve and stop the spread. Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse, Anchorage: See 2,933 unbiased reviews of Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #39 of … Topped with our chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. Our latest menu gives you even more of a reason to take a break during a visit to your Morrisons store. �}�6a��I�#lv����`w�9�l v�}��`W�)�l v���v`7��lv�}�6`�Yt֜%g�Yp֛�f�Yl֚�f�Yh֙e��izz����ix��v��ivz�V��it��6�\V�{���ƞ6�����P����a��j`:��e�Q֓�g��w��q�9�Bs؜�u7잟��o���]��G��N�[L�hR�I�L�lR����ͤ�7Mr���f7��Ml����f9�yN,���l�� Now this is a breakfast menu. Topped with Oreo cookie crumble, fresh berries, and our Alehouse-made chocolate sauce. stream Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Humpy's Big Island Alehouse at 75-5815 Alii Dr, Kailua Kona, HI 96740. endobj Side salad $4.99. Add anchovies $.50. 2018-06-28T11:51:12-10:00 endobj Microsoft® Publisher 2016 It’s always good to welcome young people, too – we have a space out the back for gatherings and meetings. Topped with cheddar cheese, served on a toasted fresh brioche bun with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and shaved Maui onions. Add garden patty $3. ※商品の写真または商品名をクリックすると、アレルギー・栄養情報、原産国情報や商品の詳細をご覧いただけます。直近の更新状況についてはこちら。※表記はすべて税込価格となり、「店内でのお食事」と「お持ち帰り(ドライブスルー含む)」でどちらも同一の税込価格です。 ���G}G�Ml�h��M�l�l������$�6�E���u��hs]��.�\m��6�E����:��Nm�S����:��Nm�S����u?>%�O�L��mr1���Yӿң�����M�l�l������$��&�-u�w��F�꾟|s����V��O'�с����x{;\�n����4�������ý�?Һ���~v�w������P~endstream endobj Please allow 15-25 minutes. << /Type /ObjStm /Length 50 /Filter /FlateDecode /N 1 /First 4 >> Add blackened chicken $4. Side salad $4.99. Finished with more marinara and melting Parmesan cheese. But wait, there's more... from chicken wraps and 4 for 4 meal deals to chili, salads, and frostys, we've got you. Bavarian pretzel sticks hot and fresh from our pizza oven. Breakfast should come in 5 layers. Fillet of fresh island fish, served on a toasted brioche bun with zesty Alehouse-made tartar sauce, lettuce, and tomato. 2018-06-28T11:51:12-10:00 Topped with sour cream and Alehouse-made guacamole. Specialties: From Chef Tim Farley: We go to great lengths to bring you the freshest and highest quality food our great state has to offer. Stuffed with thin-sliced prime rib, Maui onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, melting mozzarella cheese, and finished with garlic oil. << /Type /ObjStm /Length 2477 /Filter /FlateDecode /N 54 /First 472 >> Add Vanilla Ice Cream $1.50. Quality food since 1977. A mountainous slice layered with Oreo cookie crust and chocolate, vanilla, and coffee ice creams. Search for other American Restaurants in Kailua Kona on … Served with bleu cheese dressing, celery, and carrot sticks. Slow roasted pork “Hawaiian style” with sautéed cabbage, toasted sesame seeds, and green onion wisps. A vegan blend of garbanzo/edamame beans, tahini, and garlic. Humpy’s Hawaiian-style short ribs marinated and grilled to perfection, glazed with sweet soy sauce, and garnished with green onions, garlic, and toasted sesame seeds. Organic noodles layered with broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, mushrooms, basil, marinara sauce, Jack and mozzarella cheeses. 9 mins Peeled jumbo tiger shrimp sautéed in garlic, shallots, and Parmesan cheese. �%d��2V'��ޘ�Z���X�s�8�+�|^I���kUm�B�>N Wendy's uses fresh, never frozen beef on every hamburger, every day. Our signature pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, ham, Alehouse-made Parmesan sausage, green peppers, black olives, Maui onions, and mushrooms. Charbroiled or blackened. Be first in line, every time. Slow roasted meaty falling off the bone pork wings. endobj Fresh catch of the day wrapped in a large flour tortilla dressed with Alehouse-made tartar sauce and layered with lettuce, tomato, and shaved Maui onions. With 36 fresh, hand crafted beers on draught and 'no crap on tap' you can't beat Humpy's. Add kalua pork $3. The McDonald’s Breakfast Menu includes all your favorite breakfast items! These things are loaded! Served with marinated cucumbers and zesty Alehouse-made tartar sauce or cocktail sauce. Humpy's is a casual, neighborhood alehouse providing downtown Anchorage with fresh food, live local music and a fantastic selection of draught craft beer. << /Type /ObjStm /Length 61 /Filter /FlateDecode /N 1 /First 4 >> With bacon $13.50. Served with potato-mac salad and steamed white rice. y��J^%��W�[[��Wɫ�U�*y��F^#����k�5�y��v������C�a>���C�a>���C�a>���C�a>���O�[GV'.L��$������`=�>\v Herb-marinated chicken breast on a toasted fresh brioche bun with pesto aioli, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and shaved Maui onions. Made with fresh island ingredients. Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice, Grapefruit juice, Pineapple Juice, POG. Charbroiled or blackened. Z�C�N�[����?���t�4+�O����l"�˯��/�v|)F���r&F'GB�����D�ξ��_��u����D�,��r. Menu - Humpys Big Island Alehouse Plated Specials Pupus and Appetizers Fresh Salads Stone Baked Pizzas Gourmet Burgers Stone Baked Subs Sandwiches and Wraps Alehouse Made Sides Classic Desserts As seen in Sunset Magazine. Start the day with a McDonald's breakfast. x���OkG���}LN��]���$61�BH��cy,-�v�h�o�׳o ��`ٙ���뮪W۶V��Nĉ/N��mt#n1�0��4Ť��x\p�x^]���Z��A�"�!�Z"�\И��W� C�b��xã x�3S0ಱQ��+�-V�V0P q4�S5��QČ�b�@� �D _endstream This veggie, low-calorie breakfast has it all! Humpy’s Big Island Ale House is a place tailor-made for beer lovers by beer lovers.We believe in good food, good company, and of course, good beer — all at a good price! Why do frozen when you can make your own? 2018-06-28T11:43:53-10:00 Served with toasted garlic bread. uuid:d2e727c7-4177-44e2-aff5-dc4df6e72c8a By submitting you agree to receive emails, promotions, and general messages from McDonald's Canada. x"�,Uą%RE\��M־E�i���bK��*�W�P@�G�v[QX Coke, Sprite, Barq's Root Beer, Pink Lemonade, Diet Coke, Sparkling Water, Hawaiian Water, IBC Root Beer, IBC Cream Soda. Meaty chicken wings tossed in our Alehouse-made Buffalo wing sauce (medium spicy). Served with diced cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, kalamata olives, crackers, and toasted pita bread. Our Alehouse-made sub rolls are baked fresh in our stone ovens, brushed with herbed garlic olive oil, and stuffed with only the freshest ingredients. Try everything from a McMuffin® to a breakfast burrito! V Vegetarian/ GF Gluten Free/ VE Vegan/ LF Lactose Free/S Sustainable (local ingredients) BREAKFAST MENU CONTINENTAL CONTINENTAL BREAKFASTS Set on table or served as buffet (minimum 15 persons for buffet): Whether you're joining us during the greatest adventure of your life, tired of cooking at home, or… Humpy's is open 11am - 2am: Bar: 8am-2am Kitchen: 8am-12am Happy Hour Mon-Fri: 3pm-6pm Breakfast Every Day: 8am-11am Sunday Brunch Buffet: 9am-2pm (808) 324-2337 Call them about reservations, but there are lots ofMore stream Get your favorite breakfast foods at McDonald's! From sandwiches to pasties, pick a great deal for breakfast and lunch at your local Greggs today. II�)x�)x��ӎ�ClM=�������`I��]" ��Ӈ�$qu�B��dB\H�&ĕ��,$ZW� �^E\�Z�Ð6�3$��@�RBH�\���e,0��W�bD\K*6Q����P��W�BF\��� We’ve given many of the cafés themselves a makeover too. Fresh bananas dusted with brown sugar, rolled in a lumpia wrapper then fried golden brown. Served with your choice of our Alehouse-made honey mustard dipping sauce or Alehouse-made Buffalo sauce with bleu cheese dressing. Stuffed with thin sliced ham, pepperoni, Alehouse Parmesan sausage, mushrooms, bell peppers, black olives, melting mozzarella cheese, dressed with Italian vinaigrette, lettuce, tomato, and shaved Maui onions. 4 0 obj 110 0 obj There's no tastier way to eat kale than smothered in a runny yolk and scattered with feta cheese. << /Type /ObjStm /Length 120 /Filter /FlateDecode /N 1 /First 4 >> Our fresh-cracked eggs, savory sausage, Applewood smoked bacon and Frosty®-ccinos are up waiting for you. Featured around the world and received numerous awards including, “Best Hawaiian Product on QVC, and “Top 10 pies in America by the Food Network”. }�u���C�;l-��c�Qju�!A������b�x�����������[p Tossed in our Alehouse buffalo sauce, bourbon BBQ or Hawaiian garlic style. Three grilled succulent Kobe beef patties topped with our house-made mushroom ragout. Alehouse-made warm chocolate brownie topped with raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. Breakfast Discover the good food that makes us Canada’s favourite. stream Hawaiian Ono fingers coated in our Alehouse beer batter and served with our zesty Alehouse-made tartar sauce and fries. Microsoft® Publisher 2016 stream Add chicken $2.00 Hummus $11.99 Mediterranean spread served with cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives feta cheese and pita bread Two soft tacos stuffed with fresh island fish, black beans, jack cheese, salsa, sweet jalapeño relish, crisp shredded cabbage, sour cream, and guacamole. Our rendition of a North Shore Oahu favorite! Smothered with cheddar cheese, sautéed Maui onions and peppers, topped with salsa, and served on a toasted fresh brioche bun with Alehouse-made guacamole. One pound of clams sautéed in a white wine cream sauce with reindeer sausage, tomatoes, and fresh herbs. endobj 1 0 obj HP uuid:07C50241-639E-4214-A1C6-7E65F27F34F2